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Painted China

Mabel atteneded Sydney Technical College from 1909 to 1911 where she studied flower painting with A.G.Reid, a former student of Lucien Henry, and china painting under J. Arthur Peach. Although her interest in ceramics soon shifted to pottery, she retained an interest in painting and many of her pots have painted decoration (eg HJL-5). She also returned to china painting from time to time decoration peices of porcelain as birthday or chistening gifts for her nieces, nephews and thier children.

Many of Mabel’s designs feature Australian flora including Eriostemon australasius (pink wax flower), Boronia sp., Epacris longiflora (native fuschia), Dillwynia sp (yellow pea), Acacia sp (wattles), Eucalyptus sp., Actinotus helianthi (flannel flower), Thysanotus tuberosus (fringed lily), Ceratopetalum gummiferum (Christmas bush), Telopea speciosissima (waratah), Adiantum aethiopicum (maiden hair fern), Patersonia sericia (native iris), Crowea, Grevillea sp. and Leptospermum sp (tea tree). Native fauna include Kookaburras, penguins, dragon flys, blue wrens, scarlet robins, lyrebirds, kingfishers, cockatoos and frogs.

Further design inspiration doubtless came from “Braemar’s” extensive flower garden and fruit trees. These include roses, briar roses, pansies, violets, wisteria, forget-me-nots, apple blossom, asparagus and chickens!

Mabel imported much of the base china directly from England and Austria. Brand names that appear include Royal Worchester, Aynsley and Cauldron. [Go to top]

Other Crafts

Mabel also experimented with many non ceramic crafts including butterfly wing jewellery making, paper mache dolls heads, pyrography, wood veneer picture making and painting glitter designs on velvet. [Go to top]

Catalogue of Painted China by Mabel Lesslie

Note: These catalogues include only the works retained by Mabel's neices and nephews and their descendants and pieces known to be in public collections. We have no information on other works which Mabel may have sold at her many exhibitions.

Helen Leeder Collection
HJL-7 Robin plate 21cm dia 1910
HJL-8 Helen forget-me-not cup & saucer circa 1921
(Birth or christening gift)
HJL-9 Cornflower vase 9.5cm high 1911
HJL-10 Flannel flower & fringed lily platter 29cm long
HJL-11 Christmas bush & flannel flower bowl 23 cm dia 1914
HJL-12 Pink gum blossom urn 23cm high 1915
HJL-13 Blackberry bowl 24cm sq 1915
HJL-14 Rosebud tea set (for 6) 1917
HJL-15 Rosebud candle stick (one of a pair) 13.5cm high 1917
HJL-16 HJL monogrammed balloon girl mug post 1921

Robyn Leeder Collection
RML-2 Flannel flower jewel box 11cm dia

David Lesslie Collection
DL-1 Gold maiden hair coffee set
2 cup & saucer, jug, sugar bowl with lid, cream bowl. 1914
DL-2 Tea Set, abstract border design
6 cup, sauce & plate (2 cup shapes), sugar bowl 1914
DL-3 Kookaburra plate 21cm dia 1911
DL-4 Native fuscia & white gum blossom plate 29.5cm long 1914
DL-5 Briar rose salad bowl 23cm dia 1914
DL-6 Flannel flower cup & saucer 1910
DL-7 Forget-me-not sweet dish 14cm dia
DL-8 Rose sweet dish 14cm dia
DL-9 Rose urn 23cm high 1914
DL-10 Flannel flower vase 25cm high 1912

Robert Lesslie Collection
RL-1 Rose Platter 34cm x 15cm 1929
Royal Worchester, England
RL-2 Apple blossom dish 24cm x 18cm 1916
RL-3 Dog Rose shell bowl 14.5cm dia 1916
Aynsley, England
RL-4 Flannel Flower clover leaf platter 27cm wide
Cauldron, England
RL-5 Waratah clover leaf with gilding 28 cm wide
MZ, Austria

Nola Brice Collection
NB-2 Yellow pea plate 21cm x 10cm 1929
NB-3 Crowea plate 28cm x 15cm
NB-4 Nola forget-me-not cup & saucer circa 1929
(Birth or christening gift)
NB-5 Flannel Flower urn 26cm high 1914
NB-6 Rosebud tea set (two plates, 1 cup & saucer) 1917
Used every Sunday for family afternoon tea
NB-7 Sailing boat table set 1917
Mustard bowl & spoon
Salt & pepper shakers 7 cm high
Pair of plates 15cm dia
NB-8 Rose bowl with wire insert 19cm dia 1911
Always on the table at “Braemar” with roses.
NB-9 Rose dish 24cm dia 1929

Russell Lesslie Collection
RJL-18 Sugar shaker 12cm high
RJL-19 Painted tile 15x15cm
RJL-20 Gum blossom bowl 21.5cm dia
RJL-21 Wattle mug.’Russell’. 7.5cm high
RJL-22 Yellow chicks egg cup. 14cm dia 25th Nov 1928
RJL-23 Yellow vase ‘Period design’. 11cm high
RJL-24 Sillouette jug 7.5cm high

RJL-26 Fish dinner plates
RJL-27 Fish Sauce Boat

Tom Lesslie Collection
Tl-5 Jardinière Flag Iris 200 high 1910
TL-6 Pink & White flower vase 280 h 245 dia 1912
TL-7 Plate with “Scottish” castle scene 220 wide 1911 JML
TL-8 Cup & Saucer – wattle 1914 JML
TL-9 Cup & Saucer – flannel flower 1910 JML
TL-10 Cup & Saucer – tea tree (set) 1910 JML
TL-11 Cup & Saucer – “Bill” gum blossom Xmas 1945
TL12 Cup & Saucer – “Cathie” Christmas bush Xmas 1945
TL-13 Cup & Saucer – “MEL” (Mary) border pattern of boronia & native iris
TL-14 Mug – “Tom” wattle 1917 JML

Kate Palethorpe Collection
KP-3 Bowl with violets 180 x 140 1914
KP-4 Square salad bowl, blackberry design 250 square 1914
KP-5 Vase, wisteria design 160 h 210 dia 1912
KP-6 Platter, Christmas bush & tea tree 200 square 1913

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Catalogue of other work by Mabel Lesslie
Robyn Leeder Collection
Paper designs etc Water colour Waratah vase two versions
Waratah designs (2)
Iris Frieze (blue & white)
Tan milk jug & coffee pot
Tan & blue Egyptian design
Lyre bird vase
Hindu, Persian and Indian designs

Pencil Grevillea
Waratah designs (2)
Beige and brown iris feize
Lotus design
Frogs mirror square
Native iris

Friezes Flamingoes, bats, seals (x2), koalas, kangaroos
Wonga vine frieze, Gum leaf frieze, Chicks frieze
Dragonflies, toadstools

Monograms Z, ML

WAtercolour of peaches and clamatis

Logos Canbera Musical Society (with lyre bird)

Set of glitter paints for painting on velvet, in wooden box
Reeves butterfly wing craft set
Blue wren butterfly wing broach

Kate Palethorpe Collection

KP-7 Butterfly wing broach – crinoline lady

KP-8 Mary’s medals:
M Lesslie Royal Visit 1901 Young Peoples Industrial Exhibition
Head of the Girls High School 1901
University of Sydney Senior Examination – Mechanics 1909
University of Sydney Senior Examination – Geometry 1909
(the latter two made into belt buckles)

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